serpent rain (2016) and four waters: deep implicancy (2019) are as much experiments in working together as they are films about the future. together, they consider urgent global issues including migration, displacement, legacies of colonialism and ecological devastation, and ask urgent questions. what is possible if ethical thinking is stripped of value? how do we get to the post-human without technology? presenting a reimagined cosmos—an alternative to the violent, segregated world we have inherited—the films seek a primordial moment of entanglement prior to the separation of matter evolving into the planet we know, a time that ferreira da silva describes as "deep Implicancy."  

the following is an excerpt of the extensive research and collaboration shared between filmmaker arjuna neuman & philosopher denise ferreira da silva, introduced with text from steffanie ling.

(serpent rain and four waters: deep implicancy were presented at NOW INSTANT on October 17, 2019 as part of a program organized with suzy halajian.)