“each boy holds a piece of broken mirror and aims at the enemy with the light refracted by the sun. They can’t resist making shooting noises, though these burning bullets are flashes from millions of miles away. wandering dots of brilliance seek bodies out. once a player is blinded by the light, he slumps and dies.” describes a children’s game in mexico, espejos (mirrors)
(francis alys, children’s games).

THAT FUNNY FEELING, organized for NOW INSTANT by JAKE NADRICH and PERWANA NAZIF, deals with early video artwork considering the evolution of video and imaging technologies in terms of learning, adaptability, materiality and circulation via cultural means and subsequent affects. these experimental works, ranging from musings on memory to irony, are situated within the context of today’s camera phone video works (vine, tiktok) and subsequent rituals and cultural shifts.

the following is an interactive, epistolary-form essay work from the curators.