x-tra art journal presents

some among others: mexican sound & video art

in conjunction with his review covering two surveys of sound art in mexico city in 2019, artist and writer nick herman presents a selection of historical and contemporary works exploring the way sound is used to convey the hidden, paranormal, and unseen.

chjon nka
maria sabina
(1956, 3M)

iu iiiuuu iu
luis quintanilla (kyn taniya)
(1924, 2M)

judea semana santa entre los coras
nicolas echevarria
(1973, 21M)

ortopteros de mexico
manrico montero
(2016, 3M)

i play drums with frequency
manuel rocha iturbide
(2007, 4M)

alejandra hernandez & rocio ceron
(2005, 4M)

limpia (cleansing)
guillermo galindo
(2016, 3M)

tania candiani
(2016, 11M)